The cheeks are an area that also has had significant recent advances in the realm of minimally invasive aesthetic surgery. As we age our malar fat pad, which is the fat pad overlying the upper cheeks, often begins to droop a small amount and our cheekbones lose their definition.

Many patients also lose volume in the cheeks and notice that their cheeks appear less full and sometimes even hallow. In these patients, a number of fillers are available to volumize and provide better definition to the cheeks. At Surgical Dermatology Group, we are trained specifically to distinguish the underlying etiology of what is causing your aesthetic concerns.

We will only recommend treatments that we believe are in your best interests and understand that some aesthetic concerns can only be treated with a surgical facelift. We will help you distinguish precisely what you wish to have improved and will do our best to help you achieve the results you desire if it is a procedure that we perform and will help to make arrangements for seeing other specialists if you will be better served in doing so.