SmoothRock Surgery Center

Dr. Cappel in surgery with another medical provider at Surgical Dermatology Group

Surgical Dermatology Group is pleased to offer an ambulatory surgery center at our office in Liberty Park. The facility specializes in the management and treatment of patients with skin cancer and allows us to deliver a higher level of anesthesia for increased comfort during in-depth procedures.

Frequently, large tumors produce extensive defects that need to be reconstructed in an operating room rather than an office environment. Furthermore, other specialties are often involved when patients require a subtotal parotidectomy or a lymph node dissection. Oculoplastic surgery is often required following the removal of tumors involving the eyelid and lacrimal system. Consequently, many of our patients require levels of anesthesia that necessitate CRNA services delivered in an outpatient surgical suite.

With the increasing age of our skin cancer patients, accompanying comorbidities require greater monitoring of blood gases, glucose and electrolyte levels during extended surgical cases.

This higher level of patient monitoring can be provided with skilled nursing and state-of-the-art equipment found in an ambulatory surgery center. In summary, this facility allows patients with skin cancer to receive multi-specialty care in a single location and provides a greater level of comfort and safety.