Product Store

We have all seen radiant, youthful appearing skin and wished that we could take a pill and have it. While that isn’t possible, we are fortunate to have many devices and products that can help improve our complexions.

The treatment of skin complexion is determined by what aspects of your skin are most troublesome to you. We will devise a treatment plan together that addresses your particular issues. There is not a one size fits all approach to clear, beautiful skin. We offer a variety of products and procedures (link to cosmetics homepage), which we personally use and believe in, but can also make recommendations for products that can be easily obtained over the counter in many drug stores.

Surgical Dermatology Group’s product store includes medical grade sunscreens, sensitive skin products, anti-aging products, acne cleansers, lash growth serums, etc.

We proudly carry products from the following skin care lines:

Latisse Lash Growth
Revision Skincare