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Dermal Fillers

As we age, we begin to form lines and wrinkles on our face, as a result of the natural aging process and other environmental factors. The older we get, the more prominent these lines look, generally from age related bone loss. These wrinkles typically result when the collagen that shapes and supports the skin starts breaking down.

Injectable dermal fillers are one of the most effective treatments for reducing the appearance of unwanted folds and lines, and they can also be used to improve the appearance of scars. With dermal fillers, we can smooth wrinkles and restore volume that has decreased over time. Our board-certified dermatologists will work with you to achieve a youthful and natural appearance.

A dermal filler treatment involves using a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid (HA) to replace the volume loss in the area. The procedure generally takes less than an hour and has a high success rate with virtually no downtime. The results typically last for about 6-12 months and sometimes can last up to two years, depending on the patient and type of filler being used.

You’re an ideal candidate for dermal filler treatment if:

  • You have small vertical lines above your lips
  • Your lips and cheeks have lost volume
  • You have folds or lines around your nose or mouth

Juvederm is a smooth hyaluronic acid-based injectable gel that eliminates or reduces moderate to severe wrinkles and facial lines. This dermal filler is most effective in eliminating the nasolabial folds, which are the fold between the cheek and the mouth.

Voluma is designed to restore the volume loss in the cheek area and is FDA approved to last up to 2 years. As you age, gravity, along with the natural loss of volume in the cheek area, causes the midface to look aged as the youthful contour of the cheek is lost. Voluma is designed to be placed into the midface area and restore the natural shape of the cheek area.

Volbella is an HA gel that is injected in and around the lip area to smooth the lines around the lips and restore subtle volume loss in this area. This product is excellent for all those delicate lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Whether you call them “smoker lines” or “lipstick lines” the filler is engineered specifically for this area of the face.

Vollure is designed to correct the lines and folds around the mouth. Affectionately called the “parenthesize” around the mouth (technically referred to as nasolabial folds), these lines and folds are common areas Vollure is used to restore the youthful look of the area around the mouth.

This new and revolutionary hyaluronic acid-based injectable filler provides remarkably subtle rejuvenation. It’s aimed at working with the contours of the patient’s face and ensuring the most natural-looking result is achieved.