At Surgical Dermatology Group, dermatopathology plays a critical role in providing exceptionally accurate diagnosis for our patients’ skin, hair, and nail diseases. Dermatopathology, also referred to as dermpath, is the joint sub-specialty of dermatology and pathology. SDG is proud to offer dermatopathology services in which our highly trained and licensed physicians diagnose a patient's skin, hair, and nail disorders by using a microscope.

There are over 1,500 types of skin disorders including rashes and cancers. Many skin conditions can be diagnosed by our board certified dermatologists based on appearance and anatomic distribution. However, in more complex cases, a biopsy is needed in order to reach a definitive diagnosis. Reviewing a biopsy under a microscope allows the dermatopathologist to look at the histology of the disease at a cellular or molecular level to assist in diagnosing the disease or condition.

Our dermatologists determine if dermatopathology services are needed during a patient’s office visit. Our dermpath team is able to quickly review biopsies under a microscope to assist in diagnosing the condition; our quick turnaround time is critical so patient treatment can begin promptly, and they can begin feeling better, faster