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Mohs Surgery

Mohs offers the highest skin cancer cure rate and delivers the best cosmetic results. Mohs micrographic surgery is an outpatient procedure that involves the surgeon removing the visible tumor and then creating a map or diagram of the cancer site. The surgeon then removes smaller and smaller sections of surrounding tissue, which the surgeon immediately studies under a powerful microscope, until the surgeon determines that all the cancer has been removed.

Once the cancer has been removed, the surgeon repairs the wound using the most advanced reconstructive procedures to ensure you receive the most aesthetically pleasing result.

The Mohs technique provides the following benefits:

Success: Mohs provides the highest cure rate of any treatments for skin cancer—up to 99% and substantially decreases the chance of skin cancer recurrence.

Preservation: Mohs minimizes the removal of normal skin tissue allowing for potentially smaller scars.

Safety: Mohs is performed under local anesthesia. This permits faster patient recovery and a lower risk of complications, especially for older patients.

Efficient: Mohs is a single-visit outpatient surgery. The Mohs surgeon is specially trained to complete your skin cancer treatment, interpret the pathology evaluation, and complete most wound reconstruction in the same visit.

Mohs Procedures – Patient information and education Care and Recovery After Surgery – Patient information and education

Mohs is performed by a physician who is trained to fill three important roles:

  1. Serve as the surgeon to remove the cancerous tissue
  2. Serve as the pathologist to analyze the tissue in a lab
  3. Serve as the surgeon to reconstruct the site in a cosmetically appealing manner