Tattoo Removal

Laser tool hovers over an ankle with a tattoo on it. Lasers can be used to remove tattoos

Our Q-switched laser treats unwanted tattoos safely and effectively. The laser light is absorbed by the ink in the tattoo. The energy breaks the ink into tiny fragments. Following treatment, your body’s natural immune system will go to work absorbing and removing the ink fragments.

Treatment time depends on the tattoo size. However, most treatments take less than one hour.

Average treatments range between five to 10 sessions, depending on the tattoo size, color and ink type.

The ink will gradually break up over the next eight weeks. Lighter colors such as yellow and turquoise are the most difficult to treat.

Immediately following treatment, your skin may appear slightly red or swollen. Healing ointment and a bandage will be applied following the treatment. We recommend you keep the area covered for one week.

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PLEASE NOTE: Laser treatments are only available at our Birmingham/Vestavia Hills location.