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Surgical Dermatology Group’s Vestavia location is located in the SmoothRock Center at 1940 Stonegate Drive. The surgical procedures and medical care delivered in this facility yield healthier skin and better living, but SmoothRock represents more than medicine and surgery. It is a multi-dimensional facility serving a community of people with complementary brands and collaborative entities—all working together for healing the body, transforming the mind, and restoring the soul. The SmoothRock Center includes:

SmoothRock Cafe →

Conference Center →

New Water Farms →

Information and cognition transform the mind. SmoothRock offers educational venues for lifelong learning. The backdrop of running water and the canopy along the Cahaba River provide a tranquil setting for listening, meditation and inspiration. Like a river over time, SmoothRock soothes and transforms.

SmoothRock is a place where transformation lives. As the living water runs over us, through us, and around us, hearts of stone are transformed and ragged edges are made smooth. The beauty of architecture placed within the majesty of God’s creation sets the stage for transformation. Strategic conferences and educational platforms transform the mind. The art and science of medicine heal the skin. Reconstructive surgery restores function, aesthetics and symmetry. A therapeutic facial improves skin tone. Light and laser treatments provide smoother contours. Collaborating mission agencies send out medical teams to help the hurting. Micro financing initiatives relieve the impoverished. Water wells nourish. Worship transforms the spirit.

At SmoothRock, the passions and skills of many are celebrated so that life may flourish. Live transformed. You can read more about the stories and meaning behind SmoothRock in Vestavia Hills Magazine.

For an in-depth look at SmoothRock, please visit their website.