Medical Spa Services

We offer several aesthetic services to revitalize your skin:

Chemical Peels

Our chemical peels can assist you in rejuvenating your skin, erasing the marks of sun damage, and acquiring a youthful appearance by rehabilitating photoaged skin. Our medical team will analyze your skin and the degree of photoaging, and prescribe the correct facial rejuvenation procedure. A chemical peel involves the application of a chemical exfoliant to remove skin to visibly reduce the appearance of brown spots, superficial lesions, and to improve the texture of skin.

At Surgical Dermatology Group, our providers have extensive training and experience with a wide variety of chemical peels. We have the tools capable of solving mild, moderate and severe skin issues.

DermaSweep MD

Using a variable-level vacuum system and an assortment of treatment tips, the DermaSweep wand gently lifts the skin, removing the topmost layer of skin. The system then vacuums away the dead skin in a precise and controlled manner. Each procedure is customized depending on skin type, preferred level of exfoliation and results desires.

Treatment takes 30 minutes. Typically, you will see results after the first treatment. Lasting and more significant results will occur after a package of six treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

The DermaSweep treats:

– Early aging lines
– Hyperpigmentation
– Photo-damage
– Acne-prone skin
– Minimal acne scars
– Pre-PDT treatment
– Dehydrated skin


Superficial veins, or “spider veins”, on the legs, chest, and hands are small dilated surface veins that may be pink, red, or purple. These veins may be hereditary, or appear after pregnancy, trauma, oral contraceptive or hormone replacement therapy. Although often troubling to patients, these superficial veins are easily treated with sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a “sclerosing agent” such as glycerin into the dilated vessels which pushes the blood out of the vein and causes the vein walls to swell and close. This results in lightening the color of the veins, or in many cases, elimination of the veins. The injection is relatively painless since we use a very small needle and are treating very superficial veins.